About the Inquiry


The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on the UK’s pubs. Lockdowns and months of restrictions have put many pubs on the brink of closure, but the pandemic has also reinforced the importance of local communities and interpersonal relationships, and the vital role that pubs play in the lives and wellbeing of their regulars. 


In response to this, the Pubs APPG held an Inquiry – seeking to understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on pubs and the people who run them, as well as exploring what they will need to thrive after the pandemic. 


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A report has been produced, detailing the findings of the Inquiry and making recommendations to Government on how to support pubs and communities in their recovery from the pandemic.

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You can read written submissions to the Inquiry, and watch the recording of a follow-up evidence session below.  

Speakers – Panel 1:

  • Liz who has a Greene King pub

  • Karen who has a free of tie lease

  • Alice runs an independent freehold pub.

  • Helen who has a fully-tied, wet-led, Harvey’s pub

Speakers – Panel 2:

  • Georgina Edwards, Plunkett Foundation.

  • Dr Thomas Thurnell-Read, Loughborough University

  • Dr Jed Meers, York Law School

  • Steven Alton, British Institute of Innkeeping (BII)

See highlights from the session on the Pubs APPG YouTube

Written submissions


Submission were requested covering three main areas: 


  • The impact on pubs: How have people who run and work in pubs been impacted? Have pub closures affected their mental health and wellbeing?

  • The community impact: How has the need to close pubs impacted communities at a local level? What services do pubs usually provide, and what is the impact of their loss? How do you envisage the future of pubs and the communities around them?

  • The national context: What are your views of the impact of the pandemic on the pub trade as a whole? Are there key systemic pressures currently faced by all pubs? How could the sector best be supported to make a strong recovery?


Browse and read submissions below: